Imagine a little: below street level, at number 13 of the central square, you descend into the first level of an ancient cellar, aromas of oriental incense, jazz music and surroundings, mystical and welcoming lights, Sergio's design objects for sale, you you sit down, you are offered a drink and... you imagine.


At ArtCave we host cultural events, concerts, book presentations, exhibitions, life celebrations and everything that has to do with art and culture. In the air there are still the vibrations of what happened, a brass quartet, a jazz band, a book presentation, a Halloween night, a wine tasting, a taste of a renowned extra virgin olive oil and every year , an evening of "bubbles and panettone" to exchange Christmas greetings. Suggest us another event, ArtCave is magic.


In ArtCave we have created a space where you can spend time with friends and make new acquaintances. Get out of your daily routine and spend some time in peace, with a good glass of wine and some good music or a good book. You can also use the space to find yourself in a peace...zen.